Experience of Pandas Documentation Sprint

Hi All,

After a very busy and hactic week I got a time to share my experience of Pandas Documentation SprintPandas is an open source Python library for data manipulation and analysis.

Learn more about Pandas : Click Me600_468929766

Pandas Documentation Sprint is organised by PyData & Python Communities over the globe with the support of NumFOCUSPython Software Foundation .

Kanpur Python Community one of the smallest group of Pythonistas also be the part of this global sprint & I’m really happy to being an organizer of such an awesome community & the tweet by Marc Garcia define’s how community members respoded for this sprint :


We faced lots of challenges during the sprint but we overcome all the challenges. We started preparing for the sprint before a week. I share all the guidelines & useful link related to the sprint to our slack channel which helps member to setup environment before the sprint. This helps a lot on the day of sprint, we directly started working on docstrings .


I learn’t a lot from this sprint, I didn’t work on Pandas before this sprint but now I continuously work on Pandas Docstring open PRs & Reviewing others code on github. People defines their happiness in different ways but now I think :

Happiness is when your PR merged 

I would like to say thanks to Tushar Mittal , Hammad Lari & other community members for supporting and working continuously with community.

Special thanks to Marc Garcia because when ever I got stuck , I wrote a mail to him & I got immediate response from him with solution.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

-Anthony J. D’Angelo

Happy Coding !


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